Privacy & Security

The internet is a great medium for a lot of things, but unfortunately also for the stealing of information and the bothering of people. We at OUTtogether take your privacy and security serious. Not only because we have to, but also because we find it important. Nobody likes nasty surprise. Luckily we have our ways to keep your data secure.

When you register at OUTtogether, we will ask you to share some information for your profile (same as Facebook, Gmail and Twitter for example). When you sign up for an event the organisers like to know who you are (of course). Make sure your information is up-to-date!

Selling or passing on your details, we don’t do that! OUTtogether is also a social environment. It is great fun to do things together with people who are sharing the same interests as you – they can be old or new friends. You can also see who else is coming to the activity you are going, that is nice. It is completely your choice what is visible to others and you can change your settings at any time. You can delete your account directly yourself (which of course we hope not). And don’t worry, it is all very simple. Adjust your profile and try now. For more information on the security of all information you can also read our Privacy Statement (only in Dutch). Read also why is this a safe platform?

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