We love activities and we love people who organize them. Is this what you do in daily life? Are you doing this for an organization or company? Then it might be good to get to know each other.

Our customers do hire us to reach a larger and wider audience and to get more participants through posting their activities and advertisements on our interactiv-website. We leave the organization of events to the experts and enthusiasts! We only make it visible, easier, nicer and profitable.

Unique in the network of OUTtogether are our portals. They help our customers to bring their event to the attention of their specific target group(s) and also facilitate meeting between their visitors directly. No matter how big your company is, you want to let the world know what you have to offer and we make it easier and more visible with these portals. A number of portals are already in use. Take a look at, or Handy for our visitors to immediately find fun events per city, per theme or just at organizations.

In addition to the portals, we also have the SamenUIT-service. This is perhaps the most important part of our site. Users can make calls themselves and start their own interest groups. Our customers facilitate meetings with this. There is of course nothing better to undertake fun activities together. If that also happens to the organizations that facilitate them, then that is only good.

We work with everything from municipalities to organizations, and from hobby groups to small entrepreneurs. Regardless of the size and frequency of an event or activity, we would like to make it run more smoothly. The world is just more fun that way.

If you would like to reach a larger audience, facilitate meetings for your target group or organization, if you would like to sponsor or support, we have a lot to offer. If you would like to know more, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will contact you within a few days to exchange ideas. You can already check out our partner program (in dutch), sponsor program (in dutch) or whole presentation (in dutch). The general terms and conditions have been filed with the Chamber of Commerce under number 59853948 (in dutch).

"Waiting until you know enough to act completely responsibly is putting yourself inactive." Jean Rostand (1897-1977), French writer