We take it as our task to help you to spend your time in a nice way.

We weren’t satisfied with ‘just’ an interactive website through which you can go to events together. You deserve more than that. That is why we came up with Portals.

A portal on internet is a webpage with a certain purpose which gives access to other related websites and pages.

We connect portals about other cities, organisations or themes to our outTOGETHER website. We are actively on the look-out for the most interesting, exciting and relevant event organisers for these portals. If you are one of the people or organisations who is organizing events, do get in touch with us. Maybe having your own portal is an idea?

Every city or theme portal is managed by a portal manager. Would you like to become portal manager of outTOGETHERcalendar, have a look here if this is something for you

Would you like to have your own portal on outTOGETHERcalendar for your hobby, as a professional or organization, have a look at Business.


What is a partner portal?

We are integrating different portals in our website. They focus on for example cities, organisations, interests or themes. All portals have the same options.

Advantages of a Partner Portal

  • Members feel at home and safe here because of familiar colours and lay-out. (You can keep the group closed)
  • All members in one portal
  • Communication is clear because all events are in one place
  • Events can be made public in the general outTOGETHERcalendar to reach larger audience
  • It is easy to start a new event or project together with other partners
  • The support for events is large and quickly set-up. (Think of a supportive site for Eindhoven Marathon, Dutch Design Week, National Strike Day or PinkPop)
  • Portal Manager can generate income through advertising or sponsoring (on the portal)

How long does it take to develop a Partner Portal?

As opposed to other websites and portals, the development period for a new portal is fairly short. Within two to three weeks we can create a portal for you. Ready to use, by you, your members or project.

What is the price of a Partner Portal?

There are various possibilities with regards to payment of a new portal. There also could be cooperations and reciprocal services can be exchanged.


Are you interested in a great solution for the activities you want to organize? Do you need a clear and easy to use tool for your organization to reach a large target group? Then please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Name/ Type Portal 


Portal administrator 

 City portals    
 Amsterdam  http://amsterdam.samenuitagenda.nl (is now filled) administrator
 Utrecht   http://utrecht.samenuitagenda.nl (is now filled) administrator
 Eindhoven   http://eindhoven.samenuitagenda.nl (is now filled) administrator
 Heerlen  http://heerlen.samenuitagenda.nl (is now filled) administrator
 soon more city portals!    
 Theme portals    
 Dancing  Starting soon administrator
 Festivals  Start binnenkort administrator
 Soon more theme portals!    
 Organisation portals    
 Vitalis WoonZorg Groep  http://vitalis.samenuitagenda.nl (is now filled) administrator
 Vitalis Parc Imstenrade  http://parcimstenrade.samenuitagenda.nl (is now filled) administrator
 Soon more organisations portals!    

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